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    Rezult Opti-Lyte 1L

    Manufacturer: Acravet
    Rezult Opti-Lyte is a concentrated oral solution used to reverse the effects of dehydration in calves, lambs, kids, foals and piglets. Rezult Opti-Lyte is a high energy and high electrolyte solution that can be mixed with either water or milk and is very easily absorbed into the animals' system. The results of Rezult Opti-Lyte begins to work within 15 minutes. Rezult Opti-Lyte will help aid in the recovery of calves with scour and is suitable for ewes suffering from twin lamb disease.
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    Uses for Rezult Opti-Lyte
    Scour in calves: Scour is caused by a badly damaged gut. The gut can become damaged in a variety of ways, including infection, parasites and viruses. Scour generally has an underlying infectious reason and is very rarely caused by nutritional reasons alone. The most important thing to do when a calf is suffering from scour is to separate the calf from the rest of the herd and replace the lost liquids and minerals. Rezult Opti-Lyte aids in the recovery of scour by rehydrating the calf and replacing lost electrolytes and salts.
    Twin Lamb Disease: Pregnancy toxaemia, commonly known as twin lamb disease, is a nutritional deficiency that can occur in the late stages of pregnancy in sheep. Twin lamb disease happens when the nutritional requirements of the unborn lamb exceeds the nutritional intake of the ewe. Rezult Opti-Lyte works by boosting the intake of nutrients for the pregnant ewe.
    Dosage of Rezult Opti-Lyte
    Rezult Opti-Lyte can be mixed with either warm water or warm milk at a ratio of 1 part Rezult Opti-Lyte to 20 parts water/milk. The recommended volume of solution (as indicated in the table below) should be given twice daily for up to three days or as instructed by your veterinarian.
    Species Volume Of Rezult Opti-Lyte Volume of Milk/Water Volume of Diluted Solution
    Calves 100ml 2000ml 2100ml
    Foals 100ml 2000ml 2100ml
    Lambs 20ml 400ml 420ml

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