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    Picture of JFC Circular Fast Fill Water Trough 180 Gal

    JFC Circular Fast Fill Water Trough 180 Gal

    JFC Circular Fast-Fill Water Trough 180 Gal (871L) is a safe and practical water troughs for many years. JFC polyethylene troughs are hard wearing, durable and impact resistant. The JFC Circular Fast-Fill Water Trough 180 Gal is easy to move, install and service. All JFC troughs are fitted with valves and floats (BVF1)
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    Picture of Closamectin Pour On 2.5L

    Closamectin Pour On 2.5L

    Closamectin Pour-on for cattle is a ready to use pour-on solution that is used in the treatment and control of mixed trematode (fluke) and nematode or arthropod infestations due to roundworms, lungworms, eye worms, warbles, mites and lice. Closamectin Pour-on uses a unique mixture of ivermectin (for the treatment of lice, worms and ticks) and closantel (for the treatment of liver fluke and gastrointestinal roundworm).Closamectin pour-on is highly effective and extremely easy to use compared to injections or drenches. The ease and efficiency of this product will save farmers both time and money.

    Active Ingredient: Ivermectin, Closantle

    Target Species: Cattle

    Administration Method: Pour-On

    Treats and Controls: Gastro-intestinal worm, lungworm,eye worms, warbles, lice, mange mites, immature and mature fluke

    Withdrawal Time: 58 days for cattle intended for meat and offal, not suitable for cattle producing milk for human consumption.

    Dosage for cattle: 1 ml per 10 kg of bodyweight.
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    Picture of JFC Sheep Footbath 32 Gal (Profiled Base)

    JFC Sheep Footbath 32 Gal (Profiled Base)

    This sheep footbath is effective in the treatment of claw/hoof diseases including interdigital dermatitis. The profiled base splays the hoof to allow better penetration of treatment solution between the claws. Made from strong, lightweight polyethylene, this footbath is quick and easy to set up anywhere on the farm. The slimmer and longer dimensions make this footbath ideal for use in mobile sheep races. The turned in rim reduces spillage of the footbathing treatment solution. The inbuilt ribs also ensure the animals go through the footbath slower, allowing the hoof to bathe for longer while also preventing slipping by the sheep. It is easy to empty and clean to improve farm hygiene. Hard wearing and durable construction with smooth, rounded edges for safety. 2451 x 470x 203 mm.
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    Picture of Forcefield Battery/Mains Fencer DG1 (25 Acres)

    Forcefield Battery/Mains Fencer DG1 (25 Acres)

    This energiser can be powered with a 12V battery or mains supply. It has 1 Joule output power giving it the capability to cover the perimeter of 25 acres or approx 8Km of fence line. The unit is supplied with both a mains adaptor and a set of crocodile clips to connect to a 12V battery.
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    Picture of Forcefield B50 Battery Fencer 9V (12 Acres)

    Forcefield B50 Battery Fencer 9V (12 Acres)

    A 0.5 joule battery energiser powered by either a 9V or 12V battery. This unit is suitable for 4km of fence line or the perimeter of 12 acres. It comes with a 3 year warranty and a free 9V battery, earth bar, output leads, neon tester and 25 screw in insulators.

    The very versatile B50 is ideal for medium sized areas, for the containment of livestock and the protection of crops from unwanted animalintrusion. The B50 employs a real unique battery life extender. This ensuresthat maximum energy is only applied to the fence when a load is detected, meaning that the battery is not continuously being used to needlessly generate high energy pulses.
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