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    Picture of Dimplex Brava 5 Stage Air Purifier | DXBRVAP5

    Dimplex Brava 5 Stage Air Purifier | DXBRVAP5

    The powerful Dimplex Brava 5 Stage Air Purifier is perfect for larger rooms.
    Designed for rooms up to 25m² (which is perfect for living rooms or large bedrooms), you can quickly clean the air of pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander, VOCs and germs to help you breathe more easily. What sets the Brava 5 apart is its powerful 5-stage air purification performance featuring True HEPA Filtration, Germicidal UV-C Defence Technology and Ioniser IonFresh.

    The Brava 5 Air Purifier's footprint is small (just under 24 cm in diameter) and it stands only 46cm high, so it's easy to move around the home. In addition it comes with a 3 year guarantee upon registration for your peace of mind.
    • Depth: 234 MM
    • Energy Rating: No Rating
    • 5 stage air purifiation including Pre-Filter, Carbon Odour Filter, True HEPA Filter, Germicidal UV-C Defence Technology & Ioniser IonFresh Technology
    • Powerful air purifiation from a small and compact design
    • Optimised for rooms up to 25m² cleaning the air every 19 minutes
    • True HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of airborne partciles including pollen
    • Germicidal UV-C Defence Technology kills germs, bacteria and viruses
    • Ionfresh Ioniser Technology traps airborne particles freshening indoor air.
    • Carbon Odour Filter tackles unwanted smells and harmful gases
    • PreFilter captures large particles such as dust and pet hair
    • Sleep mode turns lights off and runs at a noiselevel of just 30 decibels and a runback timer can be set for up to 12 hours before switching off.
    • An indoor air quality sensor and colour changing indicator displays the cleanliness of indoor air.
    • Height: 459 MM
    • Width: 234 MM
    • Width: up to 45cms
    Availability: In Stock