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    Picture of Rat Cage

    Rat Cage

    Semicircular shape.
    Including trap door, the rat has to pass through two trap areas.
    With opening lid.
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    Picture of Defenders Flying Falcon Decoy

    Defenders Flying Falcon Decoy

    Protect your garden with the realistically coloured, life-like Wind-Action Flying Falcon bird scarer decoy. Spring-mounted winged bird of prey with 50 cm wingspan
    Spring-mounted wings catch the wind generating a realistic bird movement to mimic nature. Effective pigeon deterrent and bird scarer
    Hang to protect newly seeded vegetable plots or gardens. Position in trees and near fences where birds typically perch. Mount in buildings where birds typically like to roost
    Easy to install using the hanging system provided. The hanging arm is flexible to get maximum movement even in the gentlest of breezes
    Year-round bird repellent, the durable, weather-proof bird repeller can be left outside throughout the seasons
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    Picture of PestClear 2500 Slimline Repeller

    PestClear 2500 Slimline Repeller

    • Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic pest repeller for house up to 2500 sq.ft.
    • Repels mice and crawling insects.
    • Works in attics, ceiling cavities, wall spaces
    • Separate settings for rodents and insect pests
    • Just one unit covers an entire house
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    Picture of Powercat Rat Trap Pre-Baited

    Powercat Rat Trap Pre-Baited

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