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    Picture of Dehorning Wire Handles

    Dehorning Wire Handles

    Sold as a pair
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    Picture of Copper Sulphate 1kg

    Copper Sulphate 1kg

    Coyle's Copper Suplhate is for the supplementation of copper in cows and cattle where copper deficiency is an issues


    Wear protective glasses, mask and tighly sealed safety glasses. Avoid contact with eye, mucous membrane and skin
    Do not breath dust
    Keep lid tightly closed
    Irritating to eyes and skin
    Harmful if swallowed
    If swallowed seek medical advice immediately and show this label. Avoid waterways. Dispose of container safely. Keep out of reach of children.
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    Picture of Dehorning Wire 12m

    Dehorning Wire 12m

    The Dehorning Wire is a stainless steel saw wire used to remove mature horns from adult cattle. The wire cuts through the horns quickly without any slippage. The wire is 12m long in length and easy to dispense.
    Features of Dehorning Wire
    • Stainless Steel Saw Wire
    • Suitable for Removing Horns
    • 12m Long Wire
    • Easy to Dispense
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    Picture of Footcare Aerosol 400ml

    Footcare Aerosol 400ml

    Footcare Aerosol (Blue spray) is for effective control of foot conditions in livestock, it helps to fight bacteria and germs.

    When sprayed on affected area a blue residue will appear where the spray has been applied.

    This footcare aerosol also has a rapid drying formula.
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