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    Picture of Covexin 10 100ml

    Covexin 10 100ml

    Picture of Covexin 8 100ml

    Covexin 8 100ml

    Covexin 8 Is An 8 In 1 Clostridial Vaccine For Both Cattle And Sheep
    Picture of Covexin 8 250ml

    Covexin 8 250ml

    Picture of Covexin 10  50ml

    Covexin 10 50ml

    Covexin 10 is a low dosage active vaccine for cattle and sheep. Covexin 10 protects against clostridial diseases such as black leg, black disease, tetanus and other clostridial enterotoxaemia.
    ​Active Ingredient: C. perfringens type A, C. perfringens type B & C, C. perfringens type D, C. chauvoei whole culture meets Ph Eur, C. novyi toxoid, C. septicum toxoid, C. tetani toxoid, C. sordellii toxoid, C. haemolyticum toxoid
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    Picture of Blackleg Vaccine 50ml

    Blackleg Vaccine 50ml

    Black Leg is for the active immunisation of cattle against diseases caused by Cl. chauvoei, Cl. septicum, Cl. novyi and Cl. tetani.
    A serological response to Cl. haemolyticum is induced in susceptible cattle, but efficacy of this component has not been demonstrated in cattle.
    It is applied at 2ml per animal.
    Picture of Intra Repiderma Spray 250ml

    Intra Repiderma Spray 250ml

    Intra Repiderma spray is a part of the Hoof-Fit line of products and is designed to keep cattle's hooves in a healthy condition.
    The skin of the hoof easily absorbs the zinc and copper chelates, working rapidly.
    Intra Repiderma is highly effective against ailments such as digital dermatitis, foot rot & other claw diseases. Aside from its utility as a hoof treatment,
    Intra Repiderma is also an effective skin treatment and can be used on torn udders.
    It is ideal for use as a naval spray and to promote healing after calves have been dehorned.
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