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    Picture of Stanley K2300 | White Curved | 18.8kW

    Stanley K2300 | White Curved | 18.8kW

    The Stanley SOLIS K2300+ central heating pellet stove heats up to 16 standard radiators, has a 45kg internal hopper with 41 hours run time and has a 7-day timer and is 94% efficient. Efficiency and control at the touch of a button.
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    Picture of Stanley K1700 | White Curved | 17kW

    Stanley K1700 | White Curved | 17kW

    The SOLIS K1700+ central heating pellet stove offers maximum comfort to your home. Thanks to its reduced maintenance and cleaning, and with a maximum performance guaranteed up to 96% efficiency, the SOLIS K1700+ is the perfect choice for the future.
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    Picture of Nordica Teodora Pellet Stove | Matt Black

    Nordica Teodora Pellet Stove | Matt Black

    - Covering of enamelled cast iron
    - Hearth, door fire and brazier in cast iron
    - Shell and tube exchanger (manual cleaning)
    - Hermetic tank
    - Front room ventilation with dedicated motor, with comfort function
    - Ergonomic handle
    - Extractable hearth (only by authorized assistance)
    - Output smoke outlet possibilities: rear aligned
    - Structure completely in enamelled cast-iron.

    2,5-8,0 kW rated thermal input
    229 m3 heatable

    Dimensions (W-H-D) 610x739x644 mm
    Net weight 139 kg
    Efficiency 90,8 %
    Hourly consumption 0,5 - 1,8 kg/h
    Smoke outlet diameter 80 mm P
    Feed box total capacity 14 kg
    Energy Label A+
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    Picture of eReflex 195R Inset Electric Fire

    eReflex 195R Inset Electric Fire

    The largest model in the Gazco eReflex Inset range, the 195R is a truly captivating electric fire. With dramatic fuel and vibrant visuals to choose from, this ultra-contemporary electric fire projects flame effects among the fuel effects for a truly immersive display.

    You can choose from three different flame options including Amber, Blue and Amber with Blue accent to create stunning visuals, as well as 13 different fuelled lighting options. This electric fire comes with an elegant thermostatic handset that gives full control over the fire’s host of features and can be enjoyed with or without the heat.
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    Picture of Evonic Electra 1500 GF3 E-Lumaflame Electric Fire

    Evonic Electra 1500 GF3 E-Lumaflame Electric Fire

    The E-Lectra 1500 E-Lumaflame "Built In" E-Smart Electric Fire is a contemporary electric fire with a range of features and customiation options.
    Size: The E-lectra 1500 is a substantial electric fire, measuring W 1500mm x D 325mm x H 666mm. This size makes it a prominent and eye-catching addition to your living space.
    Flame Effect: It boasts a 1000mm rotisserie flame effect, which provides a realistic and visually appealing fire-like display, enhancing the ambiance of the room.
    Heat Output: The fire provides a heat output of 1500W, which can effectively warm up a room and create a cosy atmosphere.
    Front Glass: It features SCHOTT CLEAR FLOAT front glass, known for its high quality and clarity. This glass enhances the visibility of the flame effect and ensures safety.
    Log Set: The E-lectra 1500 comes with a British Woodland real log set, adding authenticity to the fire's appearance.
    Overbed Illumination: Overbed illumination is included, adding ambient lighting above the fire, which contributes to the overall aesthetics of the installation.
    Animations: Multiple animation options are available, allowing you to choose from various flame effects to suit your mood or decor preferences.
    Control Options: The fire comes with a convenient remote control for easy operation. Additionally, it offers compatibility with the e-smart cloud app, giving you the flexibility to control the fire using your smartphone or tablet. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing for voice-activated control if you have these smart assistants integrated into your home.
    Woodwork Finishes: You have a choice of five woodwork finishes, including White, Whitestone, Essence, Soapstone, or Sienna. This customisation allows you to select the finish that best complements your interior decor.
    Side Wings: You can choose between gold or pewter side wings, providing further customisation options to match your preferred style.
    In summary, the E-lectra 1500 is a versatile and stylish electric fire with a range of features and customisation choices, making it a great addition to any living space. Its realistic flame effect, heating capability, and compatibility with smart home systems enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your home.
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