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    Acravet Equest Pramox Gel

    Manufacturer: Acravet
    Equest Pramox is used for the treatment of mixed cestodes, nematodes or arthropods infections, caused by moxidectin. Equest Pramox is targeted for the treatment of horses. The active substances in Equest Pramox are Moxidectin and Praziquantel. As an oral gel Equest Pramox is very easily administered.
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    Active Ingredients: Moxidectin and Praziquantel

    Target Species: Horses

    Treats and Controls: Large strongyles, Small strongyles, Ascardis,Tapeworm,Other species.

    Administration Method: Equest Pramox is a gel which is administered orally.

    Withdrawal Time: For Meat and Offal - 64 days

    Dosage: A syringe of Equest Pramox contains the dosage for 700 kg of body weight. Graduations marked on the syringe shaft indicate dose levels per 100 kg body weight. It is important to accurately gauge the weight of the horse to be treated.

    Features of Equest Pramox.

    One syringe contains enough to treat 700 kg of body weight.
    For the treatment of horses​
    Additionally treats adult tape worm.
    Easily administered.
    Treats a variety of parasites.
    Products specifications
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