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    Tec 7 Sausage Gun

    The Tec7 "Green" Gun is a versatile sealant gun designed for use with the Tec7 310ml foil sausage "Eco System" products, however it is also suitable use as a traditional cartridge gun. Made with premium grade materials, the "Green Gun" is a tough, durable tool that will last the test of time. Unlike guns designed for use with 600ml foil sausages, the "Green Gun" is ergonomically designed to facilitate detailed work in tight areas, and the 18:1 power ratio enables the comfortable and easy application of Tec7, more viscous products such as X-Tack, or any other similarly sized cartridge or foil sausage product on the market. The simple plunger adapter enables seamless and quick transitions between work with foil sausages and cartridges, and the rotating barrel allows for applications at various angles or in difficult to reach areas.
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