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    Stanford S21 | Black | 6kW | Oil

    he S21 oil stove is built from cast iron, which grants it a robust look and has a higher heat retention capacity than steel. Easy to operate, it has as standard, electric push button ignition. All this means that you will reap the benefits of this stoves unmatched performance and efficiency for years to come.

    Designed to provide a continuous source of background heating with the ability to increase the heat output at the turn of a dial. The result is less temperature variation, which minimises cold draughts, and because it never has to heat the house from cold a smaller heat output is required from the stove than would be required from a cycling system or wood burning stove to heat a similar area.

    They require no electricity to run once lit. The gravity oil flow will keep it burning, so even in a power cut you are guaranteed a warm room in your home. Open the door to the room and let the stove heat a greater area.

    Low maintenance. The Nestor Martin vaporising burner pot burns so efficiently that carbon deposits are kept to a minimum. The operation of a simple de-coking tool on the inlet for the oil into the burner is all that is required during the heating season. Like all heating appliances a yearly service by a competent engineer is required.
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    Products specifications
    Delivery Class LANG0
    Colour Black
    Function Room Heating
    Power 6 kW
    Style Freestanding