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    JVL 2.4M Telescopic Clothes Prop

    Our extending clothes prop has a twist lock for ease of use and extends up to 8 feet (2.4 metres). The G-shaped hook holds onto the washing line and lifts the clothes in the air to support the lines and prevent it from sagging where laundry could touch the floor. It also allows the breeze to dry your laundry. The telescopic system means it can be stored away small so neatly put away.
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    • G-shaped hook so it won't release from the line

    • The round clothes prop is designed to lift and support the line to prevent it sagging with wet laundry and to stop your bed sheets from touching the floor and getting dirty again.

    • When your laundry is higher up from the ground it allows the breeze to dry your clothes better

    • The telescopic handle means it can be stored away neatly when not in use

    • It extends to 2.4m (8ft) you can adjust the height of the clothes prop to suit whatever wash load you have out, medium for normal clothing items and extend fully when hanging out towels or bedding

    • The clothes prop extends with an easy-to-use twist lock

    • It’s a durable prop that’s made from steel and is designed for use with line and post or retractable clothes lines.

    • Save energy – drying your clothes naturally saves energy and your money, no expensive dryer bills

    • Size: H:132-240 (8ft) approx.

    • Weight: 0.5kgs approx.

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