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    JG Gut Guard Gel 250ml

    Gut Guard helps prevent pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, Clostridia, E.coil (Causes Watery Mouth in lambs) and Coccidiosis attaching to the gut wall and creating an infectious foot hold. Where scours do occur, Gut Guard reduces the duration and severity of these scours.

    Gut Guard is specifically designed to be fed 2-3 hours after the first colostrum feed. It lines the gut and forms a highly effective, totally natural barrier to many diseases of the gut. It also has astringent properties meaning it tightens up the gut wall, making it much more difficult for pathogens to gain a foothold for infection. It lines the gut wall of these animals and forms a very effective natural barrier against scour causing pathogens. It also tightens the gut wall junctions making it much more difficult for these pathogens to latch on to/or penetrate it. It fits in to the same slot in which the widely used antibiotic Spectam was used before being taken off the market and our experience with it to date is that it seems to work every bit as effective in most cases.


    • Gut Guard is most effective when fed within the first few hours of life.

    • Gut Guard is a highly effective preventative measure against many of the most common scour causing pathogens including Coccidiosis, Crypto, Clostridia and E.coli.

    • Gut Guard promotes the development of a healthy gut microflora.

    • Gut Guard gel will help to reduce the duration and severity of many scours
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