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    Evonic Electra 1500 GF3 E-Lumaflame Electric Fire

    The E-Lectra 1500 E-Lumaflame "Built In" E-Smart Electric Fire is a contemporary electric fire with a range of features and customiation options.
    Size: The E-lectra 1500 is a substantial electric fire, measuring W 1500mm x D 325mm x H 666mm. This size makes it a prominent and eye-catching addition to your living space.
    Flame Effect: It boasts a 1000mm rotisserie flame effect, which provides a realistic and visually appealing fire-like display, enhancing the ambiance of the room.
    Heat Output: The fire provides a heat output of 1500W, which can effectively warm up a room and create a cosy atmosphere.
    Front Glass: It features SCHOTT CLEAR FLOAT front glass, known for its high quality and clarity. This glass enhances the visibility of the flame effect and ensures safety.
    Log Set: The E-lectra 1500 comes with a British Woodland real log set, adding authenticity to the fire's appearance.
    Overbed Illumination: Overbed illumination is included, adding ambient lighting above the fire, which contributes to the overall aesthetics of the installation.
    Animations: Multiple animation options are available, allowing you to choose from various flame effects to suit your mood or decor preferences.
    Control Options: The fire comes with a convenient remote control for easy operation. Additionally, it offers compatibility with the e-smart cloud app, giving you the flexibility to control the fire using your smartphone or tablet. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing for voice-activated control if you have these smart assistants integrated into your home.
    Woodwork Finishes: You have a choice of five woodwork finishes, including White, Whitestone, Essence, Soapstone, or Sienna. This customisation allows you to select the finish that best complements your interior decor.
    Side Wings: You can choose between gold or pewter side wings, providing further customisation options to match your preferred style.
    In summary, the E-lectra 1500 is a versatile and stylish electric fire with a range of features and customisation choices, making it a great addition to any living space. Its realistic flame effect, heating capability, and compatibility with smart home systems enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your home.
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