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    Bostik Intucrylic Fire Mastic C20 310ml | White

    Bostik Intucrylic Sealant is a high quality water-borne acrylic intumescent building sealant. It cures to form a tough, tack-free seal with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of building surfaces. In the event of a fire, Bostik Intucrylic will swell (intumesce) to form an insulting char, which is fire resistant and will resist the passage of smoke and flames.

    Bostik Intucrylic Sealant is used for sealing expansion, contraction and construction joints where compartmentation and movement are factors; as a bedding/sealing compound for locating fire resistant board systems; to seal gaps which occur between fire-rated building components and the surrounding structures i.e. window and door frames; and as a service penetration seal system for both cables and pipes.
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