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    8mm Summer Mese Oak

    Manufacturer: Canadia
    **Sold Per Pack**

    2.27yd² per pack
    1.90m² per pack

    Summer Mese Oak KT414 laminate flooring is like a bottled essence of a perfect summer day, capturing the sun’s golden warmth and the earth’s inviting embrace. The moment you walk into a room adorned with this laminate, it feels as if you’ve stepped into an eternal summer sanctuary. This flooring transforms any room into a vibrant tableau of warmth and energy, setting the stage for the diverse scenes of your life.

    With its rich, warm shade of brown, the flooring serves as an inviting backdrop for your interior designs. The intricate woodgrain patterns mesmerise, offering a captivating dance of natural shapes and forms across the surface, akin to sunlight shimmering through the leaves of a dense forest. This rich patterning breathes life into every corner of your space, making the room pulse with a natural and earthy vigour.

    But Summer Mese Oak is not just about visual allure; it’s a durable addition to your home. The AC4 rating is a testament to its longevity, offering a reliable stage for the unfolding drama of your life, be it the footsteps of a gathering of loved ones or the quiet steps of solitary reflection. In essence, this laminate flooring becomes a treasured part of your home’s character, enhancing each moment with its own unique charm.
    SKU: B8619
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    Tiles per m²: 4.212566
    Tiles per Carton: 8.0
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    Products specifications
    Delivery Class LANG55
    Abrasion Class AC4
    Thickness 12mm