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    Plaque Bust Smoked Meaty Filled Bones Each

    Packed full of protein and goodness for dogs to enjoy, the Cheeko Plaque Buster Marrow Bone is a hollow centred bone stuffed with bacon flavoured meaty ingredients.
    As recreational bones, they are designed to offer many hours of chewing satisfaction so care should be taken by owners to ensure that dogs are not consuming large or small chunks of the bone to avoid the risk of choking and blockages.

    When your dog finishes the scrumptious meaty centre stuff treats or wet food inside to encourage the dog to work their jaw muscles and clean plaque from teeth as the dog gnaws.

    Due to the nature of bones, the size may vary between individual items and seasonally, however each bone is usually approximately 10cm long.
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    Cheeko’s Plaque Buster bones are designed for your dog to chew to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

    Consists of a bone filled with all-natural, smoked meaty flavour ingredients that are high in protein.

    They are a long-lasting and tasty chew treat to ensure satisfaction for your dog.

    Once the meaty centre has been chewed you can refill your bone with other treats your dog may enjoy to get the full use of your bone.

    Key Points

    •          Helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up

    •          Smoked meaty flavour filled bone

    •          Long-lasting and tasty

    •          High in protein

    Note: Sizes and shape may vary from image. Please supervise your dog when they are enjoying these treats.


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