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    Picture of Morphy Richards Easycharge Cordless Steam Iron 2400W | 303250

    Morphy Richards Easycharge Cordless Steam Iron 2400W | 303250

    The Morphy Richards easyCHARGE 360 cordless iron, gives you the performance of a traditional steam iron, with the freedom of no power cable. The powerful 2400-watt easyCHARGE 360° base makes it easy to re-heat the iron between garments maintaining maximum temperature and steam output.
    The freedom of cordless doesn't mean compromising on performance. 30g/min of continuous steam relaxes the fibres in your fabrics and for stubborn creases the steam boost will deliver an additional 130g steam shot.
    Key Features:
    • Unique easy charge 360° rotating base for easy use
    • Fast heat up & long cordless usage times
    • Large 350ml water tank
    • Powerful steam output
    • Non-drip ceramic soleplate
    • Auto-shut off safety feature
    Availability: In Stock
    Picture of Russell Hobbs Power Steam Iron 3100W | 20630

    Russell Hobbs Power Steam Iron 3100W | 20630

    The Powersteam Ultra iron combines mighty 3100W power with simplicity and practicality. With 50% smoother, improved glide and a 15% quicker heat up time, you can now accelerate through your ironing with style. Giving extra control, the 45g/min continuous steam is perfect on cotton clothing and a substantial 210g shot is great for denim.
    A steaming iron tip, tapered edge and large base vents, ensures total heat distribution and access to the most difficult areas. The integrated vertical steam function means you are now able to take on hanging garments, curtains and even upholstery. With a triple action, self-cleaning you can be confident your iron will last.
    Product Features:
    • Ceramic soleplate
    • 45g continuous steam
    • 210g shot of steam
    • Soft touch handle
    • Dry / steam / spray & burst
    • Self cleaning function
    • Powerful vertical steam
    Availability: In Stock
    Picture of Russell Hobbs 3100W Diamond Elite Steam Iron | Black | 27000

    Russell Hobbs 3100W Diamond Elite Steam Iron | Black | 27000

    The Diamond Elite is our most powerful steam iron with a range of built-in features to tackle the toughest creases with ease. Got a large laundry basket to get through? The Diamond Elite Iron has a 350ml water tank to provide plenty of steam blasts for big loads and its soft handle makes ironing comfortable. Anti-scale and self-cleaning functions stop the build-up of limescale, prolonging the life of your iron.

    Blasts through the most stubborn creases
    A generous water tank is always a great sign – who wants to stop ironing to fill up every 5 minutes? The Diamond Elite boasts a 350ml water tank that’s big enough to deliver a powerful 220g steam shot or 50g of continuous steam to tackle tough creases. A vertical steam function gives it extra credence when it comes to smoothing out the wrinkles in hanging garments, curtains or upholstery.
    Save money – buy fewer irons
    Once you’ve found the ideal appliance for you, you want to know that it’s up to the toughest jobs. The Diamond Elite Iron has Anti-Drip, Anti-Calc and self-clean features meaning it’ll halt the build-up of limescale in its tracks, prolonging its life and the quality of its performance. As well as strength and longevity, the Diamond Elite considers user comfort and has a soft touch, easy grip handle that’s gentle on hard-working hands.
    Availability: In Stock
    Picture of Morphy Richards 2400W Steam Iron | Crystal Clear Gold | 300302

    Morphy Richards 2400W Steam Iron | Crystal Clear Gold | 300302

    The Morphy Richards Crystal Clear Steam Iron has a clear water tank, making the water level easy to view so you're less likely to run out. The large filler cap makes topping up the water level easy and helps to avoid spills, and the convenient cable clip helps to keep the cable in place while the iron isn’t in use. Additionally, it features a precision tip ceramic soleplate to glide over all fabrics and get into those hard to reach areas.
    • Crystal Clear Water Tank
    Our range of Crystal Clear irons have easy view water tanks, to help you to avoid running out when ironing, or the tank overflowing when you fill it up.
    • 30g Per Min Constant Steam
    30g of constant steam per minute allows you to glide from item to item with ease, making ironing no longer a chore.
    • 100g Steam Boost
    With the touch of a button you can boost the steam to 100g, so that you can get through even the toughest creases.
    • Large Filler Cap
    The large filler cap provides easier access to fill up than standard irons, meaning less chance of spillage.
    • Easy Store Cable Clip
    Wrap the cable around the base of the iron and secure in place with the convenient easy store cable clip.
    • Precision Tip Ceramic Soleplate
    Our precision tip means you can easily get pristine results in hard to reach areas like collars and between buttons.
    Availability: In Stock
    Picture of Tefal Express Steam Iron 2600W | White & Red | FV2869GO

    Tefal Express Steam Iron 2600W | White & Red | FV2869GO

    Easier ironing
    The Tefal Express Steam FV2869 Steam Iron has a ceramic soleplate that glides across fabrics without snagging, so you can get through your laundry pile quicker.
    Its 45 g/minute steam output helps you iron even the thickest of fabrics in no time. If you run into a stubborn crease, simply hit the powerful shot of steam to clear it away.
    Fewer refills

    The FV2869G0 has a large 270 ml water tank, so you won't have to stop to refill as often. And the extra-large filling hole means it's easy to top up.
    Availability: In Stock
    Picture of Russell Hobbs Steam Iron 2400W | 23061

    Russell Hobbs Steam Iron 2400W | 23061

    Whether you like ironing or if it's a chore you put off, the Supreme Steam has all of the functions you need at a reasonable price. It's been designed and manufactured to deliver maximum performance, so you can enjoy a quality result after every use without leaving a hole in your wallet! With a combination of innovative features, this iron has been specifically designed to help whiz through large or small ironing piles with ease, helping you get the job done faster.
    Availability: In Stock
    Picture of Russell Hobbs Steam Iron | Berry | 26480

    Russell Hobbs Steam Iron | Berry | 26480

    The ‘Light & Easy Brights’ Steam Iron by Russell Hobbs is the perfect appliance for taking on any large piles of clothes.
    • An extremely durable, ‘fabric softener infused’, non-stick ceramic soleplate combined with the autosteam technology 35 g/min continuous steam and a 115 g/min steam shot this iron ensures even distribution and a smooth glide to get through even the toughest of fabrics in no time
    • The blue ‘Aqua’ coloured steam iron features a large easy fill 240ml water tank means you can tackle a sizeable pile in one go without refilling
    • The self-clean, ‘Anti-drip’ and ‘Anti-calc’ functions helps to protect the iron from scale damage – prolonging the performance and life of your iron
    • The 2m cord allows you to iron with complete flexibility
    Availability: Call to Order