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    Bosch Dryer Condenser 8kg | WTN83201GB

    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Take the guesswork out of drying with the Bosch Serie 4 WTN83201GB 8 kg Condenser Tumble Dryer. Its AutoDry sensors automatically know when your clothes are dry, so you won't have to keep stopping the appliance to check.

    Whether you want your clothes cupboard-dry or just ready to iron, the WTN83201GB makes it easy to choose the right level of dryness. And because it stops the cycle as soon as your clothes are ready, they won't get over-dried, so they'll stay brighter and better-looking for longer.
    SKU: W11538
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    Load up your laundry and AutoDry will finish it to the exact level of dryness you want – whether that's dry enough to iron or extra-dry and ready to fold. Its sensors constantly measure the temperature and moisture to protect your laundry from high temperatures and over-drying. Get the perfect dry every time.
    Sensitive Drying System
    The SensitiveDrying System cares for your laundry perfectly by introducing mild, warm air from all sides. This is enhanced by the soft, curved paddles in the drum, which mean your laundry never lies flat, so it doesn’t crease. The result: gently dried laundry that’s perfectly soft and fluffy, and free of wrinkles.
    Electric damp detector
    Whether it's partly dried or fully dried, Bosch tumble dryers adjusts the drying programs to suit your needs.
    Quick 40’ drying
    Quick 40' drying is perfect for a small load of light fabrics. High precision temperatures and monitoring of the degree of dryness guarantees fast drying, so you can wear the clothes immediately after the drying is complete.
    Drain set
    The condensate tray will automatically collect the water from your drying and simply needs to be emptied after each cycle. However, if convenient you can choose to plumb the dryer directly into your drainage system, which avoids the need to empty the condensate tray manually.
    Sportswear programme
    Sportswear textiles are engineered to offer the best performance whilst you work out. The technical nature of these textiles requires special care which is why Bosch has developed a specific Sportswear programme. Gentle drum movements and lower heat offer protection for your garments.
    Products specifications
    Delivery Class JOYC30
    Colour White
    Load Capacity 8 kg
    Width 60 mm
    Type Freestanding
    Energy Rating AG B